Bye 2020

When these four numbers ‘2020’ come in front of our eyes all the unforseen events come flashing into our head. Each of our world’s were turned upside down, let it be from losing our loved ones to losing some of the legendary actors, from spreading illness of corona virus to getting used to the words like quarantine,social distancing, lockdown, from flight crashes to people staying away from their families, losing jobs due to pandemic which eventually dismantled the whole working of the system.

When we look back at 2020, the first statement which crosses my mind is,’ the worst year ever’. Even when we look forward to 2021, most of us isn’t expecting much from it, as we all can see the situation is getting worse with each day….

Everything will be okay if it’s not then it’s not the end until then feel blessed of the skies u are under…

There were very few things to look back and smile at… When I shift my point of view I do realise what it taught us.

The most important thing we learned to be is grateful- to be fortunate enough to have few privileges in life and being satisfied and thank god for what we already have.

Then comes intolerance about things, the power to tolerate things which go against our will and to change and adapt to new surroundings. Many of our plans got cancelled or went in vain.

Also the acceptance of the changing surroundings. Nothing remained same but without questioning we got used to this ‘new normal’.

We showed courage and started our regular lives with precautions, instead of sitting into our homes and being in silence we kick started our lives and overcame the fears.

The most interesting part of lockdown was the amount of time we spent with our families playing board games,binge watching different movies and series, reading books, helping our mothers or partner in household chores. We did miss our schools but the qualities we learn there weren’t somehow neglected,like teamwork and unity, watched news everyday. In any situation people unified and came as a single force to fight a battle with either the disease or humanity! There was exchange of hope during conversations which made us come through this difficult year. There were prayers even when the places to worship were shut down.

All this made us realise to be conscious about our environment let us take this as warning and work towards a better and green surrounding. Also not taking people for granted we never know what is gonna happen next.

Make your surrounding green with plants! They are our best buddies..

The year did give us plenty of lessons and each of us suffered, but we did adjust and moved forward. We are ready to welcome a new year with warmth and happiness.

Spread love and happiness!

Let me know what’s your take on 2020! It would be great to know!!

Childhood Memories…

When i think about childhood these two words come flashing into my head- ‘innocence’ and the other is ‘nostalgia’.

Childhood is a phase of our life where,one is filled with innocence and cuteness. As kids we have our own little happy and playful place. There are no worries about anything!

There is this one thing i find unfair,we don’t remember all our childhood instances, it’s always the people around us who tell us how we were as toddlers. We don’t remember how we were as kids,our likes and dislikes, favourite song or cartoon. This all we come to know and ‘remember it’ at a considerate age when our parents and people who saw us growing infront of their eyes. Also the most interesting part of being a kid is we don’t think about what others think about us. It came naturally to us but now as we grow older we attain it.

Well the most embarrassing part is when we are told about our mischief. It’s a moment of, ‘ I used to do that? Oh my God! Seriously?’

When I look back at my pictures and videos from my childhood it’s all about fun,barbies, crocodile tears to get a thing, toys, stuffed animals,teddy bear,doll house, cindrella stories and dancing to the song with my own way without thinking of getting judged. My heart is filled with nostalgia when i go through this wonderful time of my life.

A long way to go before i go to sleep…

I would like to share one of my fondest memory as a kid… There was a green and white small blanket i had, which my naniji gifted to me. I was so fond of it that i used to carry it wherever i used to go,let it be sleeping, walking, playing, eating… It was always around me or close to me.

I was habitual to carrying it everywhere which wasn’t a good habit so somehow as i grew older i reduced its use and only held it close to me while sleeping. Then eventually i gave it up( i had it when i was 4 and used it till i was 10years old!). I have kept it in a floral box with few of my valuable belongings. Whenever i feel low or terrible… I hold it in my arms to feel calm,safe and comfortable.

My calm in the storm….

Its kinda weird how things make us feel sometimes…. Well That’s it! Now let me know your fondest childhood memory. Please comment… It will give a big fat smile!!

A Ride to Remember…

I hung up the phone call with my father and a number of emotions came across my mind, giving me paranoia. I felt worried, awkward, weird, insecure and much more… I felt so many emotions and all at once! You must be wondering, what is the matter?

Well i came to know that i have to travel to a place which would take me an hour to reach and was forty kilometres away. The thing which gave me chills is that i have to travel all alone that too with people i dont even know, complete strangers!

I felt insecure about, what would happen if someone’s not good to me onboard? I was worried,what if i missed my stop? What if i didn’t have enough money to pay for my ride? How will i go back home if i don’t find a bus? There were thousands of ‘What if’s?’ going on in my head but there was also a part of me which wanted to have this experience,wanted to know the world a little bit more…

I somehow calmed myself and took a deep breath and i hear my inner voice saying to me,’ I’ve got to do this!’. Then i gathered a little bit of courage and went to the bus stop. The first thing i observed there, was the way people run when they see a bus, i found it funny and also weird because soon i have to be one of them. It was a run to catch the bus!

Then came my patience test, to wait for the right bus( what if i catch the wrong bus and reach somewhere unknown!OMG!!!). After finally waiting for fifteen minutes and running here and there ( like a rat!), I got the bus!! Then came the challenge of asking anyone to reassure that i have boarded correct bus!

A glimpse of my ride!

I was nervous about whom to ask… I started scanning faces. The first person i saw who was sitting right next to me, a hairy nosed man in his early forties snoring his sleep out! The sight of the man was terrific. The other person i came across was approaching towards me with a small machine in his hand and it took me less than a minute to guess that it was conductor ( the perfect person to reassure myself!) I took the ticket, settled to my seat and made myself comfortable while enjoying the view outside with deafening (very noisy) of windows ( we all know condition of public transport in India!)

After a while i hear two aunties whispering about their daughter- in- law and how they manipulated their sons against them!(story of every other household!) But i decided to concentrate on the view outside and also the littering people have done inside the bus( which shouldn’t be done!)

Then finally i reached at my stop. I took a sigh of relief! & I headed to my final destination…

A beautiful experience!

When i took a moment to think about this journey, i patted myself for grabbing this opportunity and thanked universe to present me with this beautiful experience and make me love it more! I know it was a small journey but doing this all by myself was an achievement for me atleast as i pushed myself to overcome my fears!! I had so many worries but i decided to enjoy myself in this ride. I got to learn something new! I believed in myself ( and nothing bad happened!).

I did get to know the world a little more…

This was one of my favourite experience! Let me know if you have one! As you already know, I am on a journey to know the world a little bit more…..


In each of our lives there are days when we don’t feel like waking up and face whatever is coming through. Sometimes we like to avoid it or run away from it! Whenever we are surrounded with negativity and hopelessness, there are people in our life who encourage us to be positive. But how is that possible? How do we become a positive thinker?

Learn to dance in the music the way life plays it for you…

I guess i know the answer… But before starting i would like to share one perception i had about how to be positive at all times and situation.( Just sharing cause i don’t want you all to make the same mistake the way i did!)

If you think positive about things,it doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen. There will be days you will feel left out, feel terrible about some decisions but it’s okay!

I have learned my lesson that being positive means to see good things happened, even in bad situations. Being positive is so much good for mental health. Who doesn’t have problems in life, but i assure you that with positivity within,you will become more stronger person with each obstacle. It evolves you into a better person with each day.

It’s always about the choice you make, either ponder over bad things happened to you or widen the perspective and look at a larger picture in front of you!( What good a situation did to u…?)

It is tough to maintain consistency ( to be positive at all times!) But i promise that the journey will be beautiful. Once a dark place will appear colourful, you will love more,to the people around you! Just never forget to lift yourself up when the days aren’t fine. Nobody knows you better than you!!

This is one practice which has helped me staying positive,no matter what!! At the end of the day thank god and people of what good they do for you. Be grateful about things you have ( other than complaining of what you don’t have!). So it’s a process of being grateful, thankful and feeling blessed! This practice does wonders to the way you(& I )think!!

So let’s start thinking positive from now onwards. Tell me in the comments section,one positive thing happened to you today? Also let me know if you follow any practice to stay positive.

A Place I Miss…

I am sitting in a bus,with my fourty other mates and gazing at the moving scenery from the window. After a while, I entered into a maroon building, it was a place where i was longing to come… It’s not about the building but about the people inside!

I wish to see this clearly, in person, very soon!

As i move towards my class thinking, whom will i meet first? Wishing that the assembly bell does not ring anytime soon ( afcors i would like to catch up with my friends instead of attending a monotonous assembly!!)

As i meet my friends and then finish the monotonous assembly, we adjust ourselves to our seats and start studying… But in the back of mind thinking of when will I go and have a small gossip with my friend. Then the journey of 3rd period to recess is the longest and toughest journey ( thinking of endless gossips to be blabbered! What will be the food in tiffin?). The lunch break is time which every student loves and want it to be never ending. It’s the golden time when all the friends from different sections unite!

As the golden time ends, the other phase starts. All of us studying after filling the tummy with good food comes the wish of…when will the dispersal bell ring? ( The only exception is the physical education period!!). Then as the time passes, the day at school comes to an end and I wish a goodbye to my friends and head back to the bus…… Suddenly i feel someone moving me from shoulder and the sound of all the chit chats, chaos fades away….

Oops! It was a dream….

I am late for my online school which makes me run for a quick shower. Then I start my phone,open an app and when I click a Join button, my class starts!( This is even boring then the boring assembly!)

Everyone is Missing something or the other during this pandemic so i thought to share, what i miss? I miss my friends,our gossips,the school vibe, teachers,the building, happiness at that place, endless memories made there, the fun we had, embarrassing moments,doing mimicry, laughing out loud with the squad,doing things with unity and teamwork…..

I read somewhere, ‘ Dreams are the language of Soul’. I experienced it today and i swear, it was wonderful!

I wish all of you would have re-lived these moments with me. I hope and pray that we soon get back to our normal lives! Only spread love and happiness,not corona! You can also share your favourite school time memory with me through comments! Please share! I would love to know one!!

Grandparents: Saviours from Heaven!

Before I start talking about my main subject, I would like to tell you all,that How this topic for today’s blog came up!

It was a normal Tuesday evening where I was randomly checking my school’s messages and Grandpa was preparing tea for both of us( I know most of you must be thinking that, Why am I not preparing the tea and let grandpa relax. But i would like to let you know that my grandpa only does this one thing in the whole day when he has a holiday). After sometime he calls me on table to have tea and the moment i take the first sip of tea ( i glanced at Grandpa and then tea and again the same drill, i don’t know why i did that!) Then clicked the idea of writing about grandparents ( I am still wondering whether it was tea or my brain!)

Now moving towards the main theme, thinking about grandparents the first thing which comes into my mind is that they are our SAVIOURS FROM HEAVEN! I know after reading the previous line most of you would have guessed but if not, I will tell you why…. Whenever our parents are angry or upset with us, our grandparents save us and also when upset they give us sympathy and tell us where we are wrong or making a mistake but if they feel that we are not wrong, then sorry parents! You aren’t gonna be spared!

The other thing which i love about being around grandparents is the way they do storytelling. They literally hold our hand and take us down the memory lane, they take us to a world,we are quite unknown to. The way they tell us how things used to be during their times.

I know at times it does get boring but it’s still worth listening ( because that’s what makes memories!) It’s so good to know how a family used to function or work in their times. The most fun part is when they reveal the mischief of our parents.

What i have realised from my experience is that our grandparents do not want anything from us, they just wish and pray for our well being and we become a good, successful person in life. The only thing which they want from their grandchildren is time.

Even our parents get busy in their lives because of their work or any other reason, so nobody is there to spend their time with. Our grandparents even don’t complain about it, they pretend that it doesn’t matter but deep down in their heart it matters. They won’t ask more if you sit and talk with them even for fifteen minutes of the day, they feel good.

I have observed this many times that our parents fulfill all the needs of our grandparents and give them whatever they want (materialistic) but they always forget to sit with them and atleast talk about how their day was?

A Spiritual Escape…

Nowadays,there is lot of negativity revolving around us,each day we wake up to some or the other heart breaking or saddening news but in the midst of all this… I came across this awesome book called ‘Discover your Destiny’ by Robin Sharma.

It was a good escape for me from the negativity all around, through that book I came a across so many emotions,all at a time…. It took me time to absorb and reflect the feelings and thoughts which crossed my mind. Each and every line made so much sense.

It’s a spiritual book which talks about the path of self awakening. Okay! No more spoilers now!!

I would like to share my experience reading the book. It taught me so many new things about life. I found so many things relatable in it, found answers to my few of the unanswered questions,which made me love it even more.

It taught me, how communication is so much important in life ( it plays a huge role in solving misunderstandings!)

It taught me to never give up!

It taught me to have courage to achieve my dream. Things don’t come easy, it always takes your test… It’s not easy to be different from others and to have a different opinion or a choice.

It taught me to be authentic and not become what people want me to become instead should follow, what i want to be.

It taught me to go with the flow but also at the same time having the wisdom (knowledge) of where i am going to.

It taught me many more things…these were the few of them which i found worth sharing. I would insist you all to read this book. I assure,it won’t waste your single minute instead will teach you something new with every next page. If you have already read this one let me know your views about it, i would love to acknowledge! Alchemist is the next on my bucket list!!

Dear Parents,

I thought to write about this topic as i came across these incidents since past few weeks. I am going to discuss about taking different or we can say a bit risky paths in life, especially about career.

This isn’t my personal experience as my family has supported me in every decision i take…there is resistance (afcors all fingers are not the same, different people have got different thoughts!) But it has worked for me in a positive way as it helped me to have a second thought about my decision,about whether it is correct or not. As a teenager i have always been pushed and motivated by my parents to do whatever i liked to do, whether it be sports,dance, drama,art and craft… My father always told me to be passionate about something,to go on different path and do whatever i wished to, which made me feel like a blessed kid.

The feeling of how it feels when you aren’t allowed to do what you are passionate about, came a while back through few of my close friends.

The twinkle in their eyes and the smile on the face you see when they talk about their passion,their dreams,wishes…. Why don’t they(parents) see that? I feel very bad and helpless when i can’t do anything about it.

I also understand the kind of pressure our parents carry, there is pressure from society ( but does it even matter and are above their kids happiness!) also the financial issues ( which our parents never talk about) and what not. Parents are more experienced than us, they have seen more of world and people. They say everything through their experience. I agree.

What i genuinely feel is they shouldn’t come on decision even without giving a chance to prove ourselves, atleast a try is mandatory. We need support from our parents and family to do something. If they don’t succeed motivate them or atleast help them in letting it go, it takes so much courage and confidence to be different from others, to walk on our own path… respect that!

What if their ikigai ( the purpose of getting up from bed) isnt giving them the joy?

Appreciate, motivate them in what they like to do,let them do what they love to do, just shift ur point of view to ours…

I am deeply hurt that this still exists….

For u

Digvijay & Amayra

Let’s talk about nature!

Today I am going to talk about a connection with nature and the moments which made me smile, feel relaxed and comfortable.

Waking up.. listening to chirruping of birds, watching them move from one place to another. The other moment is when God or nature turns into a painter… presenting all of us with its masterpieces, to which we call sunrise and during evenings with sunsets. These two are the parts of the day for which i wait the most. The beautiful sunsets leave me in an aww at times. Tell me, how beautiful sunsets make you feel?

Sunsets and sunrises tell us about beautiful startings and endings. As it’s a saying, ‘Things which starts well ends well’.

My one of the favourite sunset!

Nature teaches us so many things even without telling or speaking..just expressing in its best way. What matters is the way we look at it!!

I would like to give a suggestion which would help you push positivity inside you…just drop your shoulder,unclench your jaw,shed all the stress and close your eyes..if it rains close your eyes and try to listen to the music which rain plays ,if it’s summer morning look and the sky and say to yourself, everything is gonna be okay! If it’s winter enjoy the cool breeze while thinking..the happiness you will get cuddling into a blanket..if it’s spring watch the flowers bloom and the leaves shine..enjoy the seasons! Enjoy yourself in nature’s every phase. I make sure, everytime it will teach you something new.

One of my most calming experience with nature was in a cruise. I was in middle of the ocean in a giant machine with 500 other people….but when i lay my head on a wooden plank…. eliminating each and every thought, just listening to the wind and the was magical ( i love the magical things happening with me). I still can’t express in words how much calmness i felt, so soothing!

My calmness!

Alas! It was one of my best memory ever!! Just focusing on the sound of nature. The time i was all immersed in that feeling. I wasn’t able to hear the chaos of 50 other people on the deck…that’s when i realised it’s already 20 minutes, then i went back to my room and cherished this time i spent and will cherish forever.

Did you ever have any experience like this? If yes,then please let me know in comments.

If not, what are you waiting for,have one! I assure you, it’s gonna be amazing.

Welcome to My-Not-So-Secret-Diary

I do remember the day when I first started writing a diary..I was merely 8 years old,back then i wasn’t much friendly with English language but I must say I was great friends with hindi…later i attained my comfort level with English too and that is what makes me write a blog today. Isn’t it!

I found diary to be the best option to tell my musings. I always used to think….that why will someone listen to me? This thought made diary my best companion.

‘Paper has more patience than people’. -Anne Frank

This was the thought which kept me going.The diary held a part of me, always! Which is my heart!

As a kid I used to hate when someone read my diary, I felt very insecure that my feelings and privacy is getting harmed. These lines pops a question in my head…Did this happen to you ever?

So, now I am on a journey to share you a part of me and also to spread love and positivity. Each one of us carries a story within…it just takes the effort to listen or know it…so go now and make a difference.