To all the boys….

This is a story of four friends.

Two boys and Two girls,I know it’s a perfect balance of a group but let me tell you each of their lives is equally imbalanced…..

Anirudh woke up with a pang in his heart,yet another day of facing people and problems. He still couldn’t come in terms with the fact that he has lost his father forever. It’s been a month today but still it feels like yesterday. However,he collects himself and goes to the school.

While sneaking out from the window he says to himself,’Why do I feel so much pain everyday? Should I talk about it to anyone?’


‘No, I should deal with my problems by myself! What’s the point of sharing!! Whatever let’s focus on chemistry for now!

Then at recess he goes to meet his three friends- Shivangi, Aisha and Ravi. Whom he considers as his escape from the dark thoughts or we can say his happy place. While they chat their afternoon away Anirudh notices a certain kind of uneasiness in Aisha’s behaviour and asks her,what happened? While Shivangi and Ravi are busy in their chat.

Anirudh asks,’Is something wrong Aish? Tell me!’

Aisha stays quite for a moment and says,’ My parents are getting divorced and I am quite shaken with the consequences….’ Anirudh reassures her that everything will get better. While Shivangi hurd their conversation and talks to Aisha.

Aisha gets everything out of her chest and says,’ thank you Shivangi for being my confidante and hope nobody else knows about this. I feel so blessed to be sharing this comfort level with you…’

Meanwhile the boys were roaming in courtyard… Ravi asks Anirudh’ I think something is wrong with you! Is there anything bothering you?’

Anirudh says,’ No, Nothing!’ ( trying to avoid the conversation he starts talking about cricket)

The day goes by and again during dispersal Ravi asks Anirudh if he is fine. Then after a pause he decides to talk about it, his worries, tensions and problems to Ravi. He listens….

Then the next day when Anirudh meets his group of friends everybody sees him with pity. He was startled with the way everybody was behaving with him.

He rushes to his classroom and saw Shivangi, he joins her and asks that why is everyone behaving so weird with him?

Shivangi says,’ Anirudh stay calm!’. I will tell you what had happened….. Everybody knows about your father. I m sorry’.

Anirudh stood up in frustration and says,’What? I only told this to Ravi! How can he do this to me? This isn’t something he has to announce to everybody!! He made it more worse! Now everyone will think I am weak or I am trying to gain sympathy….’ Shivangi tries to comfort him and fills in some positivity in him.

‘I am with you Anirudh, it’s gonna be okay!’ says Shivangi. He smiles at her…

Shivangi was unhappy with Ravi. He shouldn’t have been so insensitive about it!! Then she decides to teach him a lesson…..

The recess bell rings

Shivangi claps and draws everyone’s attention while Aisha requests everybody to sit and stay quiet for a while.

She says,’As everybody knows about Anirudh’s father and we are all sorry for the loss’.

Now coming to the point…..

I have rarely seen a boy sharing his deepest desires,worries and tensions to their male friend. Maybe because they aren’t respected or given priority and sometimes mishandled ( pointing her eyes to Ravi). This might result in having trust issues and one may end up feeling lonely….

I just wanted to say all the guys (also girls) out there…. Please hear to what your friend has to say, motivate and be there when they need you.

To anyone suffering from anything…. It doesn’t make you weak, instead sharing it makes you vulnerable! Which is beautiful….


Ravi walks up to Anirudh and apologises for everything he didn’t do correctly..

Aisha pats Shivangi’s shoulder!

Anirudh forgives Ravi and Thanks Shivangi.

And they share a group hug!!

40 thoughts on “To all the boys….

  1. Really heart touching story and I can say this because I’ve gone through this phase in my life too…
    Thanks beta for being so innocent and beautiful soul.
    We love you and always proud of you….

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Nd finally u r here!!!

    It’s too good story!! Infact it touched my heart ❀️……

    Yrrr…. whenever….. whatever u wrote in the Blog is justtttt amazing ✨✨….. Really appreciated!!βš‘πŸ‘

    Liked by 3 people

  3. A lovely and a heart touching story!

    New to your blog! I’m very excited, reading your posts! Cuz they’re so…. Relatable!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„

    Keep writing such beautiful contents!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ€©

    Read. Love. Live

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  4. Sharing takes strength. Opening up about pain in our lives is courageous and when handled appropriately can help us to process and move forward healthily. Of course, some things take more time to heal than others.

    Thank you for sharing this story. β™₯

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Cute… friendship, and sharing are cousins… loosing one, unable to do the other, can feel like a divorce… when the unity of the two is secure, the bond of togetherness is complete..

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