What is the Problem?

This is a question asked to many of us when we are upset,had an argument or a fight and there will be people who will listen to our problems and be our confidante…. But our problem doesn’t end there. Talking about it does not help for long term because it remains in our system, it’s just that we forget about it for a while. There may be sequences or incidents where we face the same problem again.

I was also one of them, if I had a problem I would speak about it but that didn’t help all the time. Then one day unknowingly my mother helped me out…

One day in the evening while I was taking out some orange juice suddenly the food processor went off then I told my mother about what had happened…

After listening to me she stood up to help me and said ‘lets fix it’ and that’s when I realised what I wanted for my problems not only a listener but also a ‘solution’!( Maybe that’s why I love my mother so much. She has solutions to my problems)

Ask yourself what can I do to come out of this problem?

We need to realise that there is always a solution to every problem! A lock is always made with a key but sometimes we just need to have patience to find that key. We have to stop pondering over the problem and instead should divert our energy to find it’s solution. Otherwise we get habitual to it until we find a solution!

Find people to help you out!

Problems are inevitable we have to face them but it really makes our life interesting otherwise it would have been so boring,just living the same routine.

Everybody has problems! I am maybe in middle of one! But I know I will get through this…..

Tell me your outcome to the problems! What do you think about it?

59 thoughts on “What is the Problem?

  1. Our soul
    is a big book
    that nothing forgets
    about us and about us
    about the first ancestors
    in our hearts
    speaks to us

    Since then we over
    mother nature
    a human one
    Have awareness

    We know today
    that we in everything
    to ourselves
    the other
    the whole world

    between good and bad
    in every subjective moment
    a decision
    we have to make

    We are not infallible
    we sin
    we make mistakes

    We know there is no for everything
    a solution

    What we do in ourselves
    can not change
    not to the others anyway
    in the world
    into which we are born
    we have to endure that

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  2. I hear you! I think we all have the capabilities inside of us to find out the solutions to our problems. We just have to take the time out to check in with our feelings- to look a bit closer and listen a little harder when it comes to communicating with ourselves.

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  3. Someone has wisely said, when you face a difficult situation, just do the next right thing. Too often we overwhelm ourselves with the long view; better to work step by step through short-term objectives that lead toward our goals. I’ve also found that God is more than ready to guide (Psalm 32:8) and help us (Isaiah 41:10).

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  4. I’ve a lot of trouble with almost everything. Problems search for me, where is the Lokesh? We have to meet him.

    When I started developing my understanding and facing the problems, it made my life easy. I like challenges but still I’ve many problems.

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  5. Everyone has probelms, yes but not everyone speaks about it and then when those people lose themselves in their tough times, the others lose a lovely person they could have had in their lives! So we all ought to be good listeners and support people in their tough times! Life will be beautifulβ™‘

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  6. Great post sakshisoni.Problems are inevitable. For many situations and circumstances, we have immediate solutions and answers and for certain problems, we have to patient and sometimes we have to wait for months and years.Even after so much patience, the problem doesn’t get resolved and leave everything to time and cosmic consciousness.

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  7. I have two horses. About every 3 months I hook up my trailer and go get their hay. This week, I dreaded going. It is a lot of physical work, and not one I relish. The fates stepped in. My husband lost the keys to the truck. We searched, and searched to no avail. Called everywhere we had stopped the day before while in my car. Still to no avail. I gave in and called my hay guy to see if he would deliver. He said he would. I hung up the phone and as I got in my car to head to work, low and behold there were his keys, under a magazine. We had emptied out the car and searched for hours. Whoever watches over this lady (70) decided I should no longer be throwing 80, 50lb hay bales.
    One must listen to what the universe is telling us and heed the call. Often the universe hands us solutions, we just need to listen.

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  8. A life bereft of problem is not worth living. A problem gives us opportunity to put our experience into practice and solve it or get rich experience if the problem is intractable.

    Thanks for your sharing.

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  9. Thanks for this beautiful post! It made me realise that I’m always stuck with my problems and I need to find a solution to same myself asap!!
    Keep rocking πŸ”₯⚑️

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  10. Oh wow! This is beautiful and ur writing skills are so good!! This gave me a new kind of perspective to look at problems and their solutions. Thank you.I was wondering if you would check out my latest post on my blog. It was a little thing I was starting and I would loveee if you join in!

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