Childhood Memories…

When i think about childhood these two words come flashing into my head- ‘innocence’ and the other is ‘nostalgia’.

Childhood is a phase of our life where,one is filled with innocence and cuteness. As kids we have our own little happy and playful place. There are no worries about anything!

There is this one thing i find unfair,we don’t remember all our childhood instances, it’s always the people around us who tell us how we were as toddlers. We don’t remember how we were as kids,our likes and dislikes, favourite song or cartoon. This all we come to know and ‘remember it’ at a considerate age when our parents and people who saw us growing infront of their eyes. Also the most interesting part of being a kid is we don’t think about what others think about us. It came naturally to us but now as we grow older we attain it.

Well the most embarrassing part is when we are told about our mischief. It’s a moment of, ‘ I used to do that? Oh my God! Seriously?’

When I look back at my pictures and videos from my childhood it’s all about fun,barbies, crocodile tears to get a thing, toys, stuffed animals,teddy bear,doll house, cindrella stories and dancing to the song with my own way without thinking of getting judged. My heart is filled with nostalgia when i go through this wonderful time of my life.

A long way to go before i go to sleep…

I would like to share one of my fondest memory as a kid… There was a green and white small blanket i had, which my naniji gifted to me. I was so fond of it that i used to carry it wherever i used to go,let it be sleeping, walking, playing, eating… It was always around me or close to me.

I was habitual to carrying it everywhere which wasn’t a good habit so somehow as i grew older i reduced its use and only held it close to me while sleeping. Then eventually i gave it up( i had it when i was 4 and used it till i was 10years old!). I have kept it in a floral box with few of my valuable belongings. Whenever i feel low or terrible… I hold it in my arms to feel calm,safe and comfortable.

My calm in the storm….

Its kinda weird how things make us feel sometimes…. Well That’s it! Now let me know your fondest childhood memory. Please comment… It will give a big fat smile!!

11 thoughts on “Childhood Memories…

  1. If someone ask me where u can see God than one of my answer is – “Every child is God ” (our silence understand by our parents )
    You forget to write name of white and green blanket that naniji gifted you named it ” BABU” having cap with cat picture on it I can say it was your close friend .
    Childhood is like being drunk everyone remember what u did- except u

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  2. I also have a small pup soft toy which I used to have whenever I sleep otherwise I don’t sleep and I still have but I don’t sleep with it stillπŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ€ͺ

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