A Ride to Remember…

I hung up the phone call with my father and a number of emotions came across my mind, giving me paranoia. I felt worried, awkward, weird, insecure and much more… I felt so many emotions and all at once! You must be wondering, what is the matter?

Well i came to know that i have to travel to a place which would take me an hour to reach and was forty kilometres away. The thing which gave me chills is that i have to travel all alone that too with people i dont even know, complete strangers!

I felt insecure about, what would happen if someone’s not good to me onboard? I was worried,what if i missed my stop? What if i didn’t have enough money to pay for my ride? How will i go back home if i don’t find a bus? There were thousands of ‘What if’s?’ going on in my head but there was also a part of me which wanted to have this experience,wanted to know the world a little bit more…

I somehow calmed myself and took a deep breath and i hear my inner voice saying to me,’ I’ve got to do this!’. Then i gathered a little bit of courage and went to the bus stop. The first thing i observed there, was the way people run when they see a bus, i found it funny and also weird because soon i have to be one of them. It was a run to catch the bus!

Then came my patience test, to wait for the right bus( what if i catch the wrong bus and reach somewhere unknown!OMG!!!). After finally waiting for fifteen minutes and running here and there ( like a rat!), I got the bus!! Then came the challenge of asking anyone to reassure that i have boarded correct bus!

A glimpse of my ride!

I was nervous about whom to ask… I started scanning faces. The first person i saw who was sitting right next to me, a hairy nosed man in his early forties snoring his sleep out! The sight of the man was terrific. The other person i came across was approaching towards me with a small machine in his hand and it took me less than a minute to guess that it was conductor ( the perfect person to reassure myself!) I took the ticket, settled to my seat and made myself comfortable while enjoying the view outside with deafening (very noisy) of windows ( we all know condition of public transport in India!)

After a while i hear two aunties whispering about their daughter- in- law and how they manipulated their sons against them!(story of every other household!) But i decided to concentrate on the view outside and also the littering people have done inside the bus( which shouldn’t be done!)

Then finally i reached at my stop. I took a sigh of relief! & I headed to my final destination…

A beautiful experience!

When i took a moment to think about this journey, i patted myself for grabbing this opportunity and thanked universe to present me with this beautiful experience and make me love it more! I know it was a small journey but doing this all by myself was an achievement for me atleast as i pushed myself to overcome my fears!! I had so many worries but i decided to enjoy myself in this ride. I got to learn something new! I believed in myself ( and nothing bad happened!).

I did get to know the world a little more…

This was one of my favourite experience! Let me know if you have one! As you already know, I am on a journey to know the world a little bit more…..

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