A Place I Miss…

I am sitting in a bus,with my fourty other mates and gazing at the moving scenery from the window. After a while, I entered into a maroon building, it was a place where i was longing to come… It’s not about the building but about the people inside!

I wish to see this clearly, in person, very soon!

As i move towards my class thinking, whom will i meet first? Wishing that the assembly bell does not ring anytime soon ( afcors i would like to catch up with my friends instead of attending a monotonous assembly!!)

As i meet my friends and then finish the monotonous assembly, we adjust ourselves to our seats and start studying… But in the back of mind thinking of when will I go and have a small gossip with my friend. Then the journey of 3rd period to recess is the longest and toughest journey ( thinking of endless gossips to be blabbered! What will be the food in tiffin?). The lunch break is time which every student loves and want it to be never ending. It’s the golden time when all the friends from different sections unite!

As the golden time ends, the other phase starts. All of us studying after filling the tummy with good food comes the wish of…when will the dispersal bell ring? ( The only exception is the physical education period!!). Then as the time passes, the day at school comes to an end and I wish a goodbye to my friends and head back to the bus…… Suddenly i feel someone moving me from shoulder and the sound of all the chit chats, chaos fades away….

Oops! It was a dream….

I am late for my online school which makes me run for a quick shower. Then I start my phone,open an app and when I click a Join button, my class starts!( This is even boring then the boring assembly!)

Everyone is Missing something or the other during this pandemic so i thought to share, what i miss? I miss my friends,our gossips,the school vibe, teachers,the building, happiness at that place, endless memories made there, the fun we had, embarrassing moments,doing mimicry, laughing out loud with the squad,doing things with unity and teamwork…..

I read somewhere, ‘ Dreams are the language of Soul’. I experienced it today and i swear, it was wonderful!

I wish all of you would have re-lived these moments with me. I hope and pray that we soon get back to our normal lives! Only spread love and happiness,not corona! You can also share your favourite school time memory with me through comments! Please share! I would love to know one!!

16 thoughts on “A Place I Miss…

  1. This is what life is about, so enjoy each and every fraction of second of life and make it happy memory . You are doing online class with your brother at one place oneday u will also miss this by its happy memory so make it memorable (so enjoy) I will write two lines
    1. Jab jaha hai usi ka ” maza” lete hai na sakshi
    2.Gujar jata ha khoobsurt lamhe musafiroo ki taraha yaada khadi reh jati ha ruka rasto ki tara ha
    ” Do Dhamal “πŸ˜‚

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  2. Yes this is what life is all about…a good time memories which takes us to on that moment…and we cherish it for life time…so make most of it…specially this school time memories are the best part of our life and it keeps a child in us alive…

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  3. Hey dear…after reading your blog, it tooks me back in to memory of my school life…for me also it was the best golden period of my life…it’s the best time that u cherish forever n ever..!!!πŸ€—

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  4. Yesss Sakshi!!!
    This blog is seriously amazing!!! Not u nd me only but all r missing those days…like “woh din bhi kya din the”
    Yess this makes our schedule tight but right now everyone wishes to end this pandemic…this CORONA…but after all…it’s ok …

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