Grandparents: Saviours from Heaven!

Before I start talking about my main subject, I would like to tell you all,that How this topic for today’s blog came up!

It was a normal Tuesday evening where I was randomly checking my school’s messages and Grandpa was preparing tea for both of us( I know most of you must be thinking that, Why am I not preparing the tea and let grandpa relax. But i would like to let you know that my grandpa only does this one thing in the whole day when he has a holiday). After sometime he calls me on table to have tea and the moment i take the first sip of tea ( i glanced at Grandpa and then tea and again the same drill, i don’t know why i did that!) Then clicked the idea of writing about grandparents ( I am still wondering whether it was tea or my brain!)

Now moving towards the main theme, thinking about grandparents the first thing which comes into my mind is that they are our SAVIOURS FROM HEAVEN! I know after reading the previous line most of you would have guessed but if not, I will tell you why…. Whenever our parents are angry or upset with us, our grandparents save us and also when upset they give us sympathy and tell us where we are wrong or making a mistake but if they feel that we are not wrong, then sorry parents! You aren’t gonna be spared!

The other thing which i love about being around grandparents is the way they do storytelling. They literally hold our hand and take us down the memory lane, they take us to a world,we are quite unknown to. The way they tell us how things used to be during their times.

I know at times it does get boring but it’s still worth listening ( because that’s what makes memories!) It’s so good to know how a family used to function or work in their times. The most fun part is when they reveal the mischief of our parents.

What i have realised from my experience is that our grandparents do not want anything from us, they just wish and pray for our well being and we become a good, successful person in life. The only thing which they want from their grandchildren is time.

Even our parents get busy in their lives because of their work or any other reason, so nobody is there to spend their time with. Our grandparents even don’t complain about it, they pretend that it doesn’t matter but deep down in their heart it matters. They won’t ask more if you sit and talk with them even for fifteen minutes of the day, they feel good.

I have observed this many times that our parents fulfill all the needs of our grandparents and give them whatever they want (materialistic) but they always forget to sit with them and atleast talk about how their day was?

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