A Spiritual Escape…

Nowadays,there is lot of negativity revolving around us,each day we wake up to some or the other heart breaking or saddening news but in the midst of all this… I came across this awesome book called ‘Discover your Destiny’ by Robin Sharma.

It was a good escape for me from the negativity all around, through that book I came a across so many emotions,all at a time…. It took me time to absorb and reflect the feelings and thoughts which crossed my mind. Each and every line made so much sense.

It’s a spiritual book which talks about the path of self awakening. Okay! No more spoilers now!!

I would like to share my experience reading the book. It taught me so many new things about life. I found so many things relatable in it, found answers to my few of the unanswered questions,which made me love it even more.

It taught me, how communication is so much important in life ( it plays a huge role in solving misunderstandings!)

It taught me to never give up!

It taught me to have courage to achieve my dream. Things don’t come easy, it always takes your test… It’s not easy to be different from others and to have a different opinion or a choice.

It taught me to be authentic and not become what people want me to become instead should follow, what i want to be.

It taught me to go with the flow but also at the same time having the wisdom (knowledge) of where i am going to.

It taught me many more things…these were the few of them which i found worth sharing. I would insist you all to read this book. I assure,it won’t waste your single minute instead will teach you something new with every next page. If you have already read this one let me know your views about it, i would love to acknowledge! Alchemist is the next on my bucket list!!

7 thoughts on “A Spiritual Escape…

  1. I am going to read this book “discover your destiny “and the next book which you are going to read “the alchemist” is damm good you must read it .

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  2. This is so amazing Sakshi… Hats off to you and your maturities and understanding at this age…i can’t say a single word more than this… Luv you always…

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  3. Negative is horizontal (-),being positive is vertical (+) means thinking with all angels (-,|= + )And it should be ur inner nature of taking decisions which helps u to “Discover your destiny”. So never give up !

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