Dear Parents,

I thought to write about this topic as i came across these incidents since past few weeks. I am going to discuss about taking different or we can say a bit risky paths in life, especially about career.

This isn’t my personal experience as my family has supported me in every decision i take…there is resistance (afcors all fingers are not the same, different people have got different thoughts!) But it has worked for me in a positive way as it helped me to have a second thought about my decision,about whether it is correct or not. As a teenager i have always been pushed and motivated by my parents to do whatever i liked to do, whether it be sports,dance, drama,art and craft… My father always told me to be passionate about something,to go on different path and do whatever i wished to, which made me feel like a blessed kid.

The feeling of how it feels when you aren’t allowed to do what you are passionate about, came a while back through few of my close friends.

The twinkle in their eyes and the smile on the face you see when they talk about their passion,their dreams,wishes…. Why don’t they(parents) see that? I feel very bad and helpless when i can’t do anything about it.

I also understand the kind of pressure our parents carry, there is pressure from society ( but does it even matter and are above their kids happiness!) also the financial issues ( which our parents never talk about) and what not. Parents are more experienced than us, they have seen more of world and people. They say everything through their experience. I agree.

What i genuinely feel is they shouldn’t come on decision even without giving a chance to prove ourselves, atleast a try is mandatory. We need support from our parents and family to do something. If they don’t succeed motivate them or atleast help them in letting it go, it takes so much courage and confidence to be different from others, to walk on our own path… respect that!

What if their ikigai ( the purpose of getting up from bed) isnt giving them the joy?

Appreciate, motivate them in what they like to do,let them do what they love to do, just shift ur point of view to ours…

I am deeply hurt that this still exists….

For u

Digvijay & Amayra

19 thoughts on “Dear Parents,

  1. If I could give you One thing in life I would give the ability to see yourself through my guidelines,thoughts,only than you would realize how much potential you have to grow yourself.

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  2. I think it’s wonderful that you have your friends and family have a little time around your blog! I have the same thing going around on my cooking blog. My parents and sisters visit my blog each time I post. Somehow, I cannot relate to anyone in that manner, but now I met you! Being 13, I started a cooking and baking blog and you can check it out! Btw, this post is incredibly true! Well done!!

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      1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it! Maybe, you can follow for more updates so both of get a notification! And also, I wanted to just ask, if you don’t mind, because arguing over dinner is something my mom and I do and I am 13. But your writing feels too mature and inspiring…. I just want to know and clear my confusion about which age category do you fall in?πŸ˜†

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