Let’s talk about nature!

Today I am going to talk about a connection with nature and the moments which made me smile, feel relaxed and comfortable.

Waking up.. listening to chirruping of birds, watching them move from one place to another. The other moment is when God or nature turns into a painter… presenting all of us with its masterpieces, to which we call sunrise and during evenings with sunsets. These two are the parts of the day for which i wait the most. The beautiful sunsets leave me in an aww at times. Tell me, how beautiful sunsets make you feel?

Sunsets and sunrises tell us about beautiful startings and endings. As it’s a saying, ‘Things which starts well ends well’.

My one of the favourite sunset!

Nature teaches us so many things even without telling or speaking..just expressing in its best way. What matters is the way we look at it!!

I would like to give a suggestion which would help you push positivity inside you…just drop your shoulder,unclench your jaw,shed all the stress and close your eyes..if it rains close your eyes and try to listen to the music which rain plays ,if it’s summer morning look and the sky and say to yourself, everything is gonna be okay! If it’s winter enjoy the cool breeze while thinking..the happiness you will get cuddling into a blanket..if it’s spring watch the flowers bloom and the leaves shine..enjoy the seasons! Enjoy yourself in nature’s every phase. I make sure, everytime it will teach you something new.

One of my most calming experience with nature was in a cruise. I was in middle of the ocean in a giant machine with 500 other people….but when i lay my head on a wooden plank…. eliminating each and every thought, just listening to the wind and the waves..it was magical ( i love the magical things happening with me). I still can’t express in words how much calmness i felt, so soothing!

My calmness!

Alas! It was one of my best memory ever!! Just focusing on the sound of nature. The time i was all immersed in that feeling. I wasn’t able to hear the chaos of 50 other people on the deck…that’s when i realised it’s already 20 minutes, then i went back to my room and cherished this time i spent and will cherish forever.

Did you ever have any experience like this? If yes,then please let me know in comments.

If not, what are you waiting for,have one! I assure you, it’s gonna be amazing.

8 thoughts on “Let’s talk about nature!

  1. Amazing… nature is always can be your best friend with whom you can spend lots of and limitless happiness and cherish all thy sounds, colours and calmness… beautifully written Sakshu..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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